From above visa, the meeting of the River Parnaíba with the Atlantic Ocean remembers one breaks giant head: it is enough to imagine that each part is one of its 73 islands. Under, she is necessary to decipher the ways of waters to sail com.segurança, not to lose themselves in igarapés and to prevent to run aground in a sand bank. The acknowledgment makes sensible. The most remote stories of this region, still wild, must it the Portuguese Nicholas de Resende, saved of a shipwreck for the indians tabajaras in 1571. DELTA DO RIO PARNAIBA Beyond the cordialidade of the tribe, Resende rare left registered in its notations the discovery of a hidrográfico accident: the estuary of the Parnaíba, in the delta form (the Fourth Greek, represented for a triangle), that one divides in five ramifications or arms and gives origin to the only delta in open sea. The estuary of the Mississippi, river that is born in American territory, also has   the delta form, but it occurs in closed sea: in the Gulf of Mexico. Others that if they resemble to of the Parnaíba are the doRio estuary Nile, in Africa, and of the Mekong, in Asia. The too much oceanic rivers discharge direct in the sea and, the example of the River Amazon, forms estuaries. that it is another type of estuary, narrower.  

Strolls to the Delta of the River Parnaíba

          The strolls to the delta of the Parnaíba are carried through in Star yacht delta with capacity for 70 passengers, exit   of the Port of the Barks ace 8:30 hs return ace 17:00 hs. During the stroll you know the River Parnaíba and its main estuary, igarapés the natural habitat of the crabs, the fishing towns, beaches, dunes with its water natural swimming pools of rain and the fauna and the flora of the region. We have two stops for bath and walked. Price of the R$30,00 stroll for person with right: lunch, fruits, caranguejada and specialized guide.

The map of the Delta of the river Parnaíba seems the drawing of the palm of the hand: the river if divides in five fingers, and its waters discharge in the ocean for way of these five mouths.

The five mouths of the Delta of the Parnaíba, in the direction west. east, are called bars Tutóia, Melâncieira or Carrapato, Cashew, the Canaries. all maranhenses. e bar of the River Igaraçu, that discharges in the piauiense city of Luis Leather strap, next to the Maritime Port to Knotting. with uncertain stated period to be concluded.

The total area of the delta is esteem in 2700 kilometers squared. Distributed of rectangular form, it has 90 kilometers of base. the edge. for 30 kilometers of width, where they are igarapés, the fens and the islands. In the pantanal grossense weeds, 230 000 kilometers squared, fit 85 deltas of the River Parnaíba. The 73 islands, between them the islands Great of the Paolino, Cashew, the Canaries and Santa Isabel, occupy about 80 000 hectares and are sixteen bigger times that the urban zone of Teresina. Esteem se that 35% of the delta are in piauiense territory. The others 65%, in the Maranhão.

The dunes, formed in the region where the waters of the River Parnaíba if find with the Atlantic Ocean, arrive to reach 40 meters of height. This is one of the surprising landscapes of the set, considered uma work of art of the nature, and that it starts to attract   tourist of the country all. The base of support for the visitors is the city of Parnaíba, the 360 kilometers of Teresina.